1. Please make sure Blink the interactive Mule's mana is fully charged (infuse mana if needed)
2. Buffs May be needed for now until his skill is high enough (his vassels are working on that)
3. ingame Donations for our efforts would be greatly apprieciated.
4. help blink cast better spells. Swear to him today


Blink Mule: for having another computer running constantly and paying for an additional account. "shhhh he's actually Morgus" = addict
High-Tech web research and development Dept.
or Giamello "Uh yeah, we can do that" and "it doesn't match my shoes"
High-Tech web systems engineer:
Tsuba "Ok, you're all set up to go. Oh keep your eyes open for a bad ass shield w/ killer spells possibly a critter spell in it.
Piercing Reign:
Who really outdid himself with version 2 of the blink script great job
"Damnit Kirk you should have told me that.... What! who has a shard?!?!"
"because he has a new Bad ass shield that Tsuba is jealous of"
for taking a Jump damage of 50 pts to be the first to attack 3 Bonelords while the rest of us ran away in terror.
Djinn Master:
"who has'nt been around probably because he hooked up w/ a woman."