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MGM's Offical Pink Panther Web Page
The Pink Panther Fan Home Page (Lorraine Chew's Home Page)
Owens Corning - Where the Pink Panther works
The 4P's Image Gallery
Auguste Balls Pink Panther Page
The Burning Panther Project
A Chat with the Pink Panther

Panther Merchandise Pages

CDNOW - Pink Panther Movies and Cartoons
CDNOW - Peter Sellers Movies
Acme Trading Company - Mouse pads, Magnets Etc.
Wanderlust Interactive - Two Pink Panther CD-ROM Games
Wonderful Word of Animation - Panther cels for sale
Alex's Toybox - buy a Pink Panther Pillow head!
Comfy Software's House of Numbers Pink Panther Game (ages 2-4)

Peter Sellers Links

CDNOW - Peter Sellers Movies
Pink Panther Page - A Tribute to Peter Sellers Page
Peter Sellers Fan Page
More on Peter Sellers at the Internet Movie Database
TVNow's current listings for Peter Sellers movies
Darla's Peter Sellers Tribute Page
Auguste Balls Inspector Page
Marco's Pink Panther Movie Page

Animation Pages

Dave Mackey's Animation Page - Maintains Friz Freleng Filmography
Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius - The Panther's distant cousin
Clublink Cartoon DatabaseClublink Cartoons Database

Sounds Page

Henry Mancini Music Archive at UCLA
Alek Grichenko's Pink Sounds & Jazz Page

Misc. Stuff

WebTender - Serve a Pink Panther drink

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